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Publications in 2000

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Conference Papers
pdf  Striking the balance: Research in the undergraduate curriculum (David Wilson), In Högskolan och Industri i samverkan och Konferens för Kemiingenjörslärare, VII, Karlstad University, Sweden, 3--4 May, 2000. [bib] [ris]
pdf  Model-assisted basis weight control of a board machine (David I. Wilson, Jonas Balderud), In Reglermötet 2000 (T. Söderstrom, ed.), MIC, Uppsala, Sweden, 7--8 June, 2000. [bib] [ris]
pdf  Experiences building and validating a large-scale dynamic paper machine model (David I. Wilson, Jonas Balderud), In Model Validation for Plant Control and Condition Monitoring (D.H. Owens, ed.), IEE, Savoy Place London, WC2R 0BL, UK, 28 March, 2000. [bib] [ris]
Other Publications / Software
  Current Status of Freshwater Quality Models (Magnus Dahl, David Wilson), Technical report, Karlstad University, May, 2000. [bib] [ris]
  A dynamic model for KM7 (Jonas Balderud, David I. Wilson), Technical report, Department of Electrical Engineering, Karlstad University, SE-651 88 Karlstad, Sweden, 2000. [bib] [ris]
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