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Publications in 2002

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Conference Papers
pdf ppt End-Use--Oriented Discretisation of Typical Chemical-Process Models (David I. Wilson), In Proceedings of the IASTED Modelling, Identification and Control (M.H. Hamza, ed.), ACTA Press, Innsbruck, Austria, Feb 18--21, 2002. [bib] [ris]
  Long-Scale Comparison of an Eutrophication Model for Lake Vänern (Magnus Dahl, David Wilson, Lars Håkanson), In Modelling and Simulation, MS2002 (M.H. Hamza, ed.), Marina Del Rey, CA, USA, May 13--15, 2002. [bib] [ris]
pdf  A comparison of optimal control strategies for a toy helicopter (Jonas Balderud, David Wilson), In 4th Asian Control Conference, ASCC2002, SICEC, Singapore, 25--27 September, 2002. (ISBN: 981-04-6440-1) [bib] [ris]
pdf  Application of Predictive Control to a Toy Helicopter (Jonas Balderud, David Wilson), In IEEE Conference on Control Applications, IEEE, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K., 18--20 September, 2002. (ISBN: 0-7803-7387-1) [bib] [ris]
pdf ppt Using validated continuous kraft digester models for profile optimisation (Niclas Andersson, David Wilson, Ulf Germgård), In 10th Control Systems Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 3--5 June, 2002. [bib] [ris]
pdf ppt Validating continuous kraft digester kinetic models with online NIR measurements (Niclas Andersson, David Wilson, Ulf Germgård), In American Control Conference, Alaska, USA, 8--10 May, 2002. [bib] [ris]
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