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Publications in 2004

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Journal Articles and Book Chapters
  Control Engineering with Matlab (David I. Wilson), In Automation and Control, Feb/March, 2004. (ISSN: 1174-2275) [bib] [ris]
  Production variance in purified Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) manufacture (Veronica Stigsson, David Wilson, Ulf Germgård), In Developments in Chemical Engineering & Mineral Processing., volume 12, 2004. (ISSN: 0969-1855) [bib] [ris]
  Is Lake Vänern well mixed? A statistical procedure for selecting model structure and resolution (Magnus Dahl, David Wilson), In Journal of Great Lakes Research, volume 30, February, 2004. [bib] [ris]
Conference Papers
pdf  Parametric Linear Quadratic Control: Can we avoid a state estimator? (David I. Wilson), In Proceedings of the 23rd IASTED International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (M.H. Hamza, ed.), Grindelwald, Switzerland, 23--25 February, 2004. (ISBN: 0-88986-387-3, ISSN: 1025-8973) [bib] [ris]
pdf ppt Implicit Relations and Discrete Events in Process Simulation (David I. Wilson, Christian Haag), In 7th International Conference on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems (Sirish L. Shah, John F. MacGregor, eds.), Cambridge, Massachusetts, 5--7 July, 2004. [bib] [ris]
pdf  Predicting the unpredictable: Is the electrical spot price chaotic? (David I. Wilson, Bernard Cho Ming Cheng), In International Conference on Sustainability Engineering and Science, Auckland, New Zealand, 6--9 July, 2004. [bib] [ris]
Other Publications / Software
  Appropriate Modelling Complexity: An application to mass-balance modelling of Lake Vänern, Sweden (Magnus Dahl), PhD thesis, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Uppsala, Sweden, May, 2004. (ISBN: 91-554-5950-1) [bib] [ris]
  Model-assisted optimization of a multi-ply paper board machine (Jonas Balderud), PhD thesis, Karlstad University, Sweden, December, 2004. (ISBN: 91-85335-31-2) [bib] [ris]
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