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Publications in 2006

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Journal Articles and Book Chapters
pdf  The Black Art of Smoothing (David I. Wilson), In Electrical & Automation Technology, June/July, 2006. (ISSN: 1174-2275) [bib] [ris]
  The Seduction of Model Predictive Control (David I. Wilson, Brent R. Young), In Electrical & Automation Technology, Dec/Jan, 2006. (ISSN: 1177-2123) [bib] [ris]
pdf  A combined suspended particle and phosphorus water quality model: Application to Lake Vänern (Magnus Dahl, David Wilson, Lars Håkanson), In Ecological Modelling, volume 190, 2006. [bib] [ris] [doi]
pdf  The danger of short-term validation for lake models (Magnus Dahl, David Wilson), In International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, volume 26, 2006. (ISSN: 0228-6203) [bib] [ris]
Conference Papers
pdf  An embedded robust PID one-button autotuner (David I. Wilson), In Proceedings of the 25th IASTED International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (M.H. Hamza, ed.), Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, 6--8 February, 2006. (ISSN: 1025-8973, ISBN: 088986-549-3) [bib] [ris]
pdf ppt Optimal Control Strategies to Reduce Sea Lion Bycatch in Squid Fishing (David I. Wilson, Mark Soboil), In The 2nd IASTED International Conference on Environmental Modelling and Simulation, EMS06 (Hanqin Tian, ed.), St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 29 Nov--1 Dec, 2006. (ISBN: 0-88986-617-1) [bib] [ris]
  A Sustainability Index for an Industrial Sector --- A New Zealand electricity industry case study (Bernard C.M. Cheng, David I. Wilson), In The 12th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Hong Kong, 6--8 April, 2006. (ISBN-13: 978-962-7589-27-3) [bib] [ris]
Other Publications / Software
  Some aspects on the carboxymethyl cellulose process (Veronica Stigsson), PhD thesis, Karlstad University, Sweden, December, 2006. (ISBN: 91-7063-087-9) [bib] [ris]
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