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AUT System ID Toolbox

The AUT System ID Toolbox was originally written to create a number of laboratories in System ID & Adaptive Control, such that students were not required to implement high level controllers in restricted lab time. However it was also found the MCC DAQ routines were useful for other acquisition projects which were restricted by requiring the MATLAB data acquisition toolbox. The toolbox is released under the BSD 3-Clause License.

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- Read & Write analog inputs and outputs of a MCC USB-1208LS/FS from within MATLAB & Simulink.
- Implement online Recursive Least Squares (RLS) for system identification.
- Implement online adaptive control with built in RLS estimator.
- MATLAB documentation and getting started guide supplied.
- Windows 32bit (x86) and 64bit (amd64) binaries of the MEX functions supplied.

Latest Versions (v1.07) Features

- Added OS + Pre-Requisite check to System ID installer
- MEX files rebuilt against R2013a and Universal Library 6.27

Toolbox Screenshots

Below is an example verification model used to show the DAQ capabilities:

MCC DAQ Test Simulink Model   Simulink Model Result

Toolbox Pre-Requisites

The AUT System ID Toolbox is designed for Windows users, thus all MEX files are compiled against Microsoft VC++ 2012 runtime libraries using Visual Studio 2012. While the toolbox is open-source, and contains the source code for all MEX files, the MCC Universal Library is only available for Windows, thus the data acquisition functionality is for Windows users only.

As it is though, the toolbox does provide MATLAB implementations of the Simulink Adaptive Control blocks, thus basic implementations of adaptive control are available on Mac and Linux.