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Research Centre Objectives

Our objectives are to conduct world class research in industrial information and control that is industry-relevant, while the building the human skills and relationships necessary to achieve this.

Key Deliverables

The Industrial Information and Control Centre will raise capability in advanced process simulation and control in New Zealand. The centre will provide a focus for research, graduate training and continuing education. This will lead to measurable, long-term benefits to NZ manufacturing. The centre will also provide a high level of tuition and high-quality graduates. The training provided by the centre will yield a more professional work force and assist NZ process/manufacturing industries to become more efficient, innovative, skilled and productive.

Inception & Goals

Advanced process simulation and control has the potential to generate substantial benefits stemming from improved process management, ultimately producing more attractive financial and environmental bottom lines.

A number of NZ export industries (e.g. dairy, food, pulp and paper, and metals) depend on automation to some degree. Although there are notable exceptions, it is recognised that the current knowledge of process simulation, management and control is inadequate amongst engineers working in the NZ process and manufacturing industries. This has led to low levels of process control implementation and dependence on imported software and expertise, in turn constraining the development of a knowledge economy.

This centre seeks to redress this situation by creating a national focal point in the field. The individual principal investigators of the I2C2 are all well-recognised researchers in these disciplines and will generate the required focus and outside collaboration the centre will require to succeed, thus engendering further interest and support for advanced process simulation and control research. In particular, the centre will seek to seed collaborations with other similar research centres internationally.