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Research Projects

The Industrial Information & Control Centre maintains an active role in a number of research projects around New Zealand, as well as Internationally. Below are a selection of recently completed, current and prospective research projects the Industrial Information & Control Centre is or has been involved with.

Recently Completed and Current

Project Industrial & Academic Partner(s)
autoboat Autonomous Platforms for Aquatic Surveying Morphum Environmental, Electronic Navigation Limited, DCM Process Control
autoboat Micro Collision Avoidance System (MiCAS) for UAVs and Drones  
autoboat RaceLogger: A Data Logger for Amateur Racers  
autoboat UAV Wildlife Tracking Applied Ecology New Zealand, High Performance Computing Research Laboratory
autoboat Robust Control of Aerial Platforms Subject to External Disturbances  
autoboat Square Kilometre Array (SKA) SKA Organisation
fonterra Process Analytical Technology Fonterra
petronas towers Development of a steam utility system modelling package Petronas, VMG
wao Modelling & optimization of a Wet Air Oxidization reactor Scion, Rotorua District Council
pyrocarbon Pyrolysis of waste material using microwave energy SpectioNZ
rmt Upgrade of the Reserve Management Tool (RMT) Transpower
unison Algorithm acceleration of an Asset Management Tool Unison
ferry Optimal route planning for vehicular ferries Sealink, EECA